Market Sectors

Operating in the marine environment presents numerous challenges, which in turn have various implications, both on the sectors that operate there and on the environment itself. Through greater understanding of the environment, which we - PML Applications - can provide, both time and money can be saved. We provide services, expertise and guidance to a diverse range of commercial customers in the following markets:
Diver undertaking a marine survey underwater


The ocean is essential to life, health and well-being, it is vital that we assess the impacts society is having in order to protect and sustain this precious resource. Backed up by over 30 years of world-leading scientific research we undertake environmental monitoring, surveys and analysis work, as well as providing satellite data, helping our customers to understand the rich and diverse marine environment and informing its management.

Marine turbine in dry dock

Marine Energy

Sustainable, low carbon marine energy is part of a diverse range of energy generation types being developed around the world. The marine environment is an extreme environment with many risks that need managing. We can help with site selection through a greater understanding of ocean fronts (supported by the world-class team of scientists in PML’s Remote Sensing Group), surveys or impact assessments. We have unrivalled experience in understanding the pressures of biofouling, which can damage or reduce the efficiency of your equipment. 

Oil rig at sea

Oil & Gas

The marine environment is extreme, bringing with it many risks and challenges. We have unrivalled experience in understanding the pressures of biofouling growing on, damaging and reducing the efficiency of, your equipment. Biofouling is a serious issue for our customers in the oil and gas industry because it presents problems not only to static rigs (which can be prevented from moving if they are fouled), but also to towed equipment used in the exploration for oil and gas.

Ship in port discharging ballast water

Ports & Harbours

With 90% of world trade being transported by ships, our ports and harbours are under considerable environmental pressure. Regulations controlling the introduction of invasive/non-native species and diseases by ships are being introduced around the world. Port State officers are also under increasing pressure to police ballast water and biofouling standards. Whether it is ballast water exchange (IMO D-1), ballast water treatment (IMO D-2 and/or US Coast Guard and VGP requirements) or issues to do with biofouling, we have the knowledge and experience that you need. We can provide independent high quality surveys (environmental, benthic, ballast water exemptions and protected areas) and environmental impact assessments for port and harbour development projects.  

Lab work

Professional Services

We understand that customers often require expert, independent and impartial advice or evidence on a particular issue. We have access to a wide range of experts in their fields who have the knowledge and experience that you need. We support professional service companies, risk management and marine consultancies with expert advice and evidence on a wide range of marine science related issues. We also provide impartial advice in litigation cases on the identification, likely geographic origin and an estimate of age of component species relating to the biofouling of ships’ hulls.

Large ship at sea


In an industry where every minute, every metre and every kilo counts the greater your understanding of the environment in which you operate the easier it will be to navigate your way through environmental regulations towards compliance, saving you time and money. All emissions from ships are increasingly coming under close scrutiny by regulators. We work with the shipping industry providing biofouling and ballast water services together with essential environmental understanding.