Image courtesy of ESA

Free online training session - Using Earth Observation for Water Quality Monitoring

17 September 2020

This training session will focus on using Copernicus satellite data and products for water quality monitoring. The training will be co-hosted by Olly Clements from the PML Applications Ltd Centre for Geospatial Applications and forms part of a wider workshop organised by JNCC

Attendees will be trained on how to select, access, and process marine Earth Observation data made freely available under the Copernicus Programme. Attendees will learn where different marine data can be found across the Copernicus Landscape, leading into how to design workflows tailored to match different applications to the most appropriate marine EO data and/or products. As part of this course, we will also demonstrate how to access selected optical datasets and images from ESA (Copernicus Open Hub, DIAS’), EUMETSAT (CODA, Data Archive), and CMEMS resources and repositories, and run live demos of the different ways these data can be processed. Through the course we will make use of the WeKEO DIAS hosted processing system, the Sentinel Applications Platform (SNAP) software, and Python programming language through Jupyter Notebooks.
Each course will run for 3-4 hours. It would be beneficial for participants to have some introductory experience using a scripting language such as Python (or similar), but this is not a prerequisite and should not dissuade people from applying!

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