Highly experienced in marine operations, we safely and securely integrate your technology requirements with our infrastructure.

Offering safe and easy access to the sea in most weathers, our assets include:

  • Smart Sound Plymouth (4G/5G & mesh networks plus in-water comms)
  • Boats:
    • Plymouth Quest (21m Cat 2 workboat with very experienced crew)
    • PML Explorer (7m Code 3R Rigid Inflatable Boat)
    • PML Pioneer (5m fully instrumented AutoNaut – wave powered autonomous vessel)
  • Shoreside testing facilities (marinas, pontoons, rafts etc.)
  • Buoy-based test facilities (e.g., for sensor testing)
  • Field test sites (e.g., for sensor testing or carbon dioxide removal technology testing)
  • Dedicated commercial team to support trials with:
    • Security clearance
    • Commercial and marine research backgrounds
    • JOSCAR approved
    • Existing procurement routes with most defence Primes.