GEONA Hyperspectral has been developed by experts in Earth Observation.

PML Applications’ Centre for Geospatial Applications has announced a partnership for its GEONA Hyperspectral data processing product with Specim, the ”leading global supplier of hyperspectral imaging solutions”.
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Founded in 1995 and part of the Konica Minolta Group since 2020, Specim offers a full range of hyperspectral cameras covering wavelengths from visible to near-infrared to the thermal range, software systems, and accessories. Machine builders and integrators in the machine vision industry and prestigious research organisations use its solutions worldwide.

Following rigorous evaluation, SPECIM has endorsed GEONA as its preferred standalone processing solution for the complete range of SPECIM airborne hyperspectral sensors.

This collaboration reflects PML Applications’ commitment to innovation, offering cutting-edge tools that not only strengthen its partners product capabilities but empower users with unprecedented flexibility and accuracy.


“This is a hugely exciting moment for PML Applications and Specim as we embark on the next stage of our collaboration. I am incredibly grateful to the very talented and experienced GEONA development team, and for the support and guidance provided by Specim to get to this point. Now I am really keen to demonstrate how GEONA Hyperspectral can help owners of Specim airborne instruments get even more from their data.”

Ben Calton, Head of Geospatial Applications at PML Applications.


Specim is now encouraging all users of their airborne hyperspectral sensor to explore GEONA Hyperspectral as the endorsed alternative standalone solution to their in-house solution.


“Migrating to GEONA not only ensures continuity but enhances your hyperspectral data capabilities. This endorsement signifies a new era in hyperspectral processing, aligning GEONA Hyperspectral as Specim’s preferred solution for georectification.” 

Sami Juottonen, Product Manager.


Geona Hyperspectral Processing Dashboard

The GEONA software suite is developed by experts in Earth Observation underpinning the digital division of PML Applications. The team develop algorithms and software to produce data products from sensors aboard satellites, aircraft, and drones on a commercial, operational basis.

As the commercial arm of Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML), PML Applications has developed an international reputation for providing results from precise and reliable tools for spatial data processing, visualisation, and analysis in Earth Observation, acting as the data processing node for the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council (NERC’s) airborne Earth Observation capability for over 15 years.

During this time, the team has supported UK-based researchers to process data from over 400 campaigns, each with multiple flights resulting in hundreds of high-quality research publications. To support data processing, the team developed their own suite of software to radiometrically calibrate and georeference hyperspectral data from SPECIM sensors, and have delivered results for even the most challenging of flights.

In addition to GEONA Hyperspectral, PML Applications provides an array of innovative digital products and data services with their foundations in world-leading research from Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML).

A truly social business, PML Applications’ profits go back to society through funding PML’s world-leading and cutting edge research.

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