Natasha Lloyd manages Business Development at PML Applications, where we stand at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and environmental stewardship. As a subsidiary of Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML), a globally renowned scientific research charity, we have a unique perspective. We are committed to translating groundbreaking marine science into practical solutions that make a real-world impact.

Key projects:

- GEONA Hyperspectral: We've pioneered GEONA Hyperspectral, an innovative software that provides radiometrically calibrated and geolocated data from Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging Sensors. It's a game-changer for researchers, educators, and professionals in agriculture, forestry, environmental monitoring, and more.

- Sensors-At-Sea Validation: Our Sensors-at-Sea Validation Service ensures the reliability and accuracy of sensors operating in the challenging marine environment. We empower manufacturers to deliver dependable instruments and contribute to safer and more efficient marine operations.

- AFC Validation Service: We offer Anti-Fouling Coating (AFC) Validation that recognizes the quality and reliability of products when exposed to challenging marine environments. Our AFC Validation is a symbol of excellence and trustworthiness for manufacturers and end users.

- Sensors-At-Sea Data Acquisition: We can offer expert deployment and recovery of your sensor across our range of at-sea platforms, enabling you to acquire data for R&D.

- Rapid Testing of In-Water Cleaning Systems: Join leaders in the Defence and Maritime sectors and Coating manufacturers to optimise performance and reduce operational costs using PML Applications’ rapid, robust, and realistically scaled test house services.

PML Applications operates under a unique model. All proceeds from our services, including those above are donated to Plymouth Marine Laboratory. This funding supports groundbreaking research that directly addresses pressing environmental challenges and contributes to sustainable oceans.

Natasha is passionate about forging partnerships, driving innovation, and making a positive environmental impact. Whether you're interested in GEONA Hyperspectral, Sensors-at-Sea Validation, AFC Validation, or exploring opportunities for collaboration, Natasha is here to connect and explore how we can work together to support innovation in your industry.



Telephone: 01752 633 209