PML Applications is delighted to announce our participation in the upcoming webinar organised by SMI’s Marine Science and Technology Group (MSTG) Council on July 4th. This webinar will focus on the critical subject of Carbon Capture and Storage. PML Application’s Tim Fileman, Head of The Centre for Coastal Technologies, will be one of the featured speakers. He will be joined by Professor Jonathan Bull, an expert in Ocean & Earth Science from the University of Southampton.

At PML Applications, we recognise the significance of Carbon Capture and Storage in addressing the challenges of climate change and ensuring a sustainable future for our planet. Tim Fileman, with his wealth of knowledge and experience, will provide valuable insights into the latest advancements and applications in this field. His expertise in coastal technologies will undoubtedly offer unique perspectives on the potential of Carbon Capture and Storage within marine environments.

We extend a warm invitation to all individuals involved in marine science and technology to join us for this exciting webinar.


Webinar Details

Date: July 4th
Time: 11:00 – 12:00
Free to join

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