We are excited to announce the upcoming Industry Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) event by Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) from October 24th to October 26th. Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) Earth Observation Data Analyst Dr Liz Atwood will be speaking at this annual meeting and highlight oil spill response work by PML Applications.

This gathering promises to be a pivotal moment in the field of oil spill response, featuring industry leaders and experts who are at the forefront of this critical endeavor.

About ITAC

The Industry Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) is non-commercial and driven by OSRL as part of our advocacy programme, recognising the benefits of engaging our front-line response staff in industry-focussed technical discussion central to developing more effective oil spill response. We hold an ITAC meeting once per year, hosted in different locations, with the meeting chaired by various ITAC members. We try to blend international themes with items of regional interest according to where the meeting is held.


Date: October 24-26, 2023

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