The demand for more effective, low cost, low impact antifouling coatings is constantly growing as our marine environment is being further utilised to meet society’s growing needs for energy, food and transport.

We have the experience and expertise to undertake confidential coating assessments to ensure that your infrastructure is properly protected, and provide efficacy demonstration and market preparation trials of new formulations for a variety of target markets



Proof of concept studies

Knowing how your novel antifouling concept compares to industry standards can be difficult to establish.

We have a track record of assisting a wide range of clients to make informed decisions about their novel approaches and guide them through development process. As we also provide antifouling technology horizon scanning services for end-users, we can also provide a potential route to market once confidence has been established in the novel approach.


Static efficacy trials

While there are many methods to determine antifouling performance, a properly conducted static efficacy test can provide a great value stating point.

We provide static panel efficacy tests in a range of geographical locations and different environmental conditions to allow you to quickly understand the efficacy of your antifouling coatings system compared to industry standards. Our reports and terminology ensure that your results will be easily understood by your internal and external stakeholders.


Dynamic efficacy trials

Dynamic tests provide a serious advantage when comparing efficacy of antifouling coating products. It’s only by operating under real hydrodynamic and biological loads that confidence in performance is gained.

We specialise in bespoke and standardised in-field dynamic testing to rapidly establish antifouling performance under a strong fouling challenge at a range of duty cycles and water velocities.


Formulation screening

Our rapid antifouling performance tests allow high through-put of candidate formulations in short time scales, allowing you to select the best performers faster, and with confidence.


Biological settlement assays – macrofouling

Whether it’s part of a high through-put screening program or tackling a species-specific biofouling problem, a targeted bioassay can help provide a rapid decision point on coating technology performance.


Biological settlement assays – microfouling / biofilm

Microbial biofouling control can be a powerful coating performance selection criteria, with the advantage of being cost effective and rapid. Contact us to see how a microbial test could allow you to reach your decision point faster.


Adhesion testing

Preventing the settlement of biofouling organisms is just part of the challenge.

The adhesion forces of different species that do manage to settle can have a big impact on longer-term coating performance  as well as cleaning techniques.

We provide a range of adhesion tests to characterise adhesive forces achieved by a variety of organisms under different environmental conditions. Whether it’s part of a screening program or an R&D requirement, we can help you understand how biofouling organisms will interact with your coating system.


Biocide efficacy studies

With the global tightening of biocidal regulations on the horizon, achieving the efficient use of biocides while still maintaining coating efficacy is vital.

We have a strong track record of determining the efficacy of different biocides against key micro and macro fouling organisms.  We use cutting-edge analytical techniques, alongside established ecotoxicological methods to determine biocide effects and how suites of biocides interact with each other and the environment.  Let us help you ensure your next generation of coatings is safe and effective.


Coating Compatibility Trials

Whether its matching antifouling coatings with in-water hull cleaning methods, or other bespoke biological or physical requirements, we can design and implement a impartial test to ensure that your coatings perform when you need them to.