Marine and coastal habitats provide a huge wealth of services to humanity from oxygen and food, to absorbing and storing carbon, neutralising pollution, flood protection in addition to their value for aesthetic and recreational activities, physical and mental well-being.

PML and PML Applications bring together a wide range of expertise from ecology and modelling to environmental economics, social science and psychology and have been at the forefront of investigating and quantifying ecosystem services.

We work with governments, local authorities, industries and NGOs to better manage marine development activities to ensure robust and sustainable management of our marine natural capital.

We also support blue carbon, habitat restoration and nature based solutions projects in quantifying and maximizing ecosystem and social services.

Our services include:

  • Literature reviews and evidence summaries
  • Decision making support for the sustainable management of marine ecosystems for renewable energy and marine infrastructure.
  • Natural capital assessments
  • Quantification of ecosystem services and co-benefits for blue carbon, habitat restoration and marine nature-based solutions projects
  • Social science and surveys to investigate public perception of ecosystem value and services.