Our services, ranging from vessel and facility hire, management, crewing and support include:


  • Plymouth Quest (21m Cat 2 workboat with highly experienced crew)
  • PML Explorer (7m Code 3R Rigid Inflatable Boat)
  • PML Pioneer (5m fully instrumented AutoNaut – wave-powered autonomous vessel


  • We provide direct access to the advanced communications network and infrastructure of Smart Sound Plymouth:
    • 5G/4G private network across the port
    • 4G coverage in pre-agreed autonomy trials areas
    • Control hubs housed at Oceansgate and PML
    • Wave Relay offshore marine network, coverage over 20 miles offshore
    • Integrated network usage
  • L4 buoy
  • E1 Buoy
  • Other buoys (PML Applications)


  • A range of technical workshop and office spaces (including access to the Oceansgate site within the Plymouth Freeport area)
  • Mesocosm/tanks

Technical Skills/expertise:

  • Deployments
  • Permissions for moorings and sea-bed activities
  • Biofouling control
  • Compliance – biosecurity, environmental impact
  • Mooring design
  • Verification of results
  • Small boat works
  • Environmental technology testing
  • Technicians (ROV, autonomous vessel, robotics etc.)
  • Environmental monitoring (chemical, biological, physical)


  • Engineering firms
  • Design, Fabrication & replication (3D printing & scanning)
  • Access to freeport
  • Dive teams