To use hyperspectral data for quantitative analysis, the data must be accurately radiometrically calibrated, geo-corrected, and boresight calibrated, which is complicated, and time-consuming, and if an error is made the results produced can be invalid or misleading.

GEONA Hyperspectral offers a fast, straightforward solution.

A suite of mature, stable, and reliable airborne processing library tools within an intuitive user interface guides you through the process of generating a processing configuration file. Simply put, it enables anyone from beginner to expert to achieve an accurately radiometrically calibrated and geolocated dataset from data acquired with an airborne Hyperspectral Imaging Sensor.

An automatic boresight calibration tool that calculates the roll, pitch, and yaw offset from vertical values to describe the exact data adjustment required to account for the mounting position of the instrument on the drone removes the opportunity for error and further enhances the validity of your results.



Achieve georeferenced data without depending on expensive alternative solutions which require high-level user knowledge and experience. GEONA Hyperspectral is specifically for cloud computing, enabling high-volume, high-throughput automated data processing in the field without Wi-Fi.

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