PML Applications specialists provide a unique testing service for cleaning systems of ship hulls. With a track record of success and an expert team led by our Principal Consultant, Anna Yunnie, we offer a comprehensive solution to address the evolving needs of the maritime industry. As in-water cleaning technology expands rapidly, regulatory compliance concerns grow, and fuel and maintenance costs soar, the demand for matching antifoul coatings with optimal cleaning technology increases. With our rapid, robust, and realistically scaled test house, clients can enter multiple coatings or novel substrates to test for cleaning compatibility, choose from a selection of cleaning mechanisms, and receive comprehensive assessments before and after cleaning. This service not only meets the needs of a rapidly changing market but also provides actionable insights to optimise cleaning processes, positioning PML Applications as a leader in the maritime sector.


Which cleaning method is right for your needs?

Join leaders in the Defence and Maritime sectors and Coating manufacturers to optimise performance and reduce operational costs using PML Applications’ rapid, robust, and realistically scaled test house services.

Our test methods ensure your AFC and chosen cleaning methods are compatible and produce repeatable results to maximise coating longevity and hull performance while ensuring compliance.

Our team will prepare test panels relevant for your operation to use in bespoke platforms designed to handle a wide variety of brush, waterjet, reactive and proactive (or “grooming”) cleaning approaches to assess coating compatibility.

We conduct realistic, scaled cleaning passes under strict test conditions and evaluate multiple parameters before, during and after cleaning.

  • Cleaning efficacy
  • Physical properties of coatings – micro scoring, DFT & roughness change
  • Biocide and paint particle release and quantification
  • Ecotoxicological impacts to inform regulatory compliance
  • Filtration and capture efficacy
  • Re-fouling potential

Use a single set of trials to pre-screen all your cleaning options and de-risk a full-scale trial on your asset.

Contact us for more information on full-scale trials too.