Independent, impartial and confidential (as required) services to support autonomous platform operations, including: 

  • expertise and facilities for testing under controlled (e.g. in tanks) and applied environmental conditions (e.g. at sea in challenging coastal environments)
  • support for autonomous technologies through to operational readiness in an efficient, cost-effective way that minimises risk
  • experienced deployment team
  • commercial access to the UK’s leading testbed for advanced marine technologies – Smart Sound Plymouth – and the Western Channel Observatory facilities.

The development of autonomous technologies, both surface and underwater, requires safe and secure testing facilities that provide realistic marine conditions to ensure that functionality and reliability can be accurately checked. We can support you in the testing, development and integration of autonomous platforms and deployment, recovery and mission operations.

We offer:

  • A transition area for technology testing
  • An impressive variety of water depths, sea states and weather conditions
  • Facilitating sea trials, including sub-surface trials
  • Easy access to offshore water depths of 75m close to Plymouth itself.
  • Deployment support.