GEO Business brings together around 3,500 geospatial professionals to discover and debate the latest technological advancements and best practices in the field.

The event is free of charge and will feature over 120 leading brands and cutting-edge start-ups showcasing the newest tech, tools and solutions for geospatial as well as an education programme made up of 120+ sessions across six theatres, covering exciting new trends, informative case studies and pressing industry issues.


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You will have the chance to hear from our geospatial experts Ben Calton, Head of the Centre for Geospatial Applications, and Natasha Lloyd, Business Development Manager, who will give a presentation titled ‘Is hyperspectral imaging the superpower you didn’t know you had?’, 18 May, 11.30-12.00 on the GIS & Data Stage. With the ability to uncover a wealth of information, it’s not surprising that hyperspectral data is increasingly used in applications ranging from environmental monitoring, precision agriculture, archaeology to geology. Yet there is an increasing need for advances in understanding of how accessible, affordable data acquisition and processing can be utilised in broader areas of application because what is clear is that those able to process data acquired from airborne hyperspectral imaging cameras into useful things are the ones with the real superpower.


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